We are proud that our program has been successful with so many wonderful, varied individuals. Regardless of shape, size, age, fitness level or fitness goals, our classes provide results.

Here is what REAL people are saying about us.

“To the Squared Circle Gang! I have been attending your classes since mid February 2010. I try to make at least 2 a week (one boot camp and one boxing). I can honestly say that I felt stronger after just 1 class! Each week, I have noticed more muscle definition in my arms and legs. My punches are more controlled. My endurance has increased as well. Thank you for opening Squared Circle Studio! I am so happy to be working with you to reach my fitness goals!”

“I received a session of classes as a gift from a friend. I never worked out before and was nervous. Since starting over 6 months ago, I’ve lost 36 pounds! I feel and look like a different person.”

“My main goal of signing up for class was initially to prove to myself how good of shape I was in. I’ve done years of soccer, baseball, football, and rugby, and hold two black belts in two forms of karate. I’ve worked out my whole life and my goals have changed as I’ve gotten older. I used to work out and compete for the pleasure of victory……Now I work out so that I can have the stamina to play with my son, and not be winded when he wants to run for hours. I learned during Cindy and Stacy’s first class that I was no where near the cardiovascular shape I thought I was in. Classes are geared for those who want to be in the best shape they can achieve. I’m in better shape now after only one year of their classes than I’ve ever been in my life. As an asthmatic and one that has strived to be better today than I was yesterday; I can sincerely say that these classes are well above the norm for fitness. Their desire to teach students to reach their pinnacle of cardio and physical fitness is only overshadowed by their true personal care of all their students well being, safety, and satisfaction.”

“I’m a runner and have always been in good shape. I tried this class and found muscles I never knew I had! My endurance and strength is so improved!”

“I’ve lost over 40 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol have both lowered and I’m off two medications. My Dr.’s are amazed at the changes!”

“I continually see an increase in my fitness level, endurance and strength. The best part is it shows in my clothes!”

“I went for my physical and my Dr. couldn’t believe the changes. Lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, less meds. He asked me what I was doing. I told him he wouldn’t understand!! Thank you Cindy, Brian, Ken, Sean and Stacy for making me work so hard and become healthier.”

“I’ve been attending Squared Circle Studio for almost 2 years. My cholesterol went from 240 to 181 and I don’t have to take meds anymore. While attending SCS I started seeing a Health Coach, Kristen Driscoll, and worked with one instructor to set the goal to run a 5K, which I had never done before.  I trained with Stacy and a running group she established and accomplished my goal by not only running one but two 5K’s this year!  Kristen also helped me to choose healthier foods and introduced me to a healthier way of eating. I have definitely become stronger and have toned up since starting SCS. When I attend a class at SCS it never feels like a chore. I look forward to it and it feels so good when I finish a class…and I love all the instructors!”

“I joined the gym because I wanted to get in better physical shape. I had never really worked out before but knew I could lower my cholesterol with exercise and a better diet. My first goal was to be able to do a push up!  I can do several now! I participate in focus mitt and boxing conditioning classes, core strength & stretch and Zumba. After a year or so a group of “new” runners started training for a 5K in Old Saybrook. I never ran before and didn’t like running either, but did it anyway!!! Stacy teamed me up with Donna Nelson and we clicked from the start. I ran my first ever 5k in Deep River and finished!!! Donna and I are still running on our own as we enjoy the run and the company. The exercise has also helped to reduce my cholesterol from 273 to around 217 in one year!”
“I have had issues with my blood pressure (BP) since the early 90’s and started taking medication for it in 1997. I never really worked out before…just raced dirt bikes and played softball. In 2005, I met my beautiful wife and decided I wanted to change my life for the better. I started working out at home and stopped using salt. My doctor said I had to lose weight and exercise to lower my BP before he could take me off my medication. I joined Squared Circle Studio in Sept. 2010, taking boxing and boot camp classes several times a week. I get a physical every year and after being consistent with a healthy lifestyle, my doctor re-evaluated me and within a year, he took me off my medication. He was so impressed with my improved results he asked what I was doing and I explained. Now I’ve run 2 5K’s, a Spartan Sprint race and 2 Rugged Maniacs and I will not quit.”

“I’ve been a member of Squared Circle Studio for almost 4 months now.  My husband told me about SCS when they first opened back in 2010.  I had thought about joining but had the mis-conception that you needed to be in decent physical shape in order to be able to attempt such a rigorous form of exercise program. Part of my apprehension was due to the fact that I never exercised on a regular basis. I was a couch potato! When I hit 202 lbs. on the old Richter scale I knew I had to do something. A coworker suggested SCS and invited me to go with her to a class.  I couldn’t have been more wrong about needing to be in shape.  You are told from the beginning that you go at your own pace and work your way up. As long as you’re moving, it’s good.  In 3 months I lost 25 lbs. and dropped a pant and shirt size or two. By the time I reach my next goal, to lose another 20 or 25 lbs., I’m sure I will be off my blood pressure medications. This place is addictive!!  I go 5 days a week. The instructors and members are very friendly and supportive. I look forward to every class. “

What changes will YOU be talking about?