We developed our classes with everyone in mind. Classes are filled with men and women, and regardless of age, fitness or skill level, you fit in! They are designed to improve overall fitness, strength, speed, endurance, balance and agility and to burn significant calories. We guarantee our classes will relieve stress and help you feel empowered and healthy.

Boxing/ Kick Boxing

Boxing/ Kickboxing and other mixed martial art techniques are used in these non- sparring bag classes using heaving hanging bags. We apply various conditioning exercises to make these full- body workouts challenging and high calorie burning

Boot Camp

Full body workout utilizing cardio training, resistance, plyometrics, core stabilizing and strengthening exercises and interval training. Participants burn significant calories and lose fat while developing endurance, strength, agility, balance and flexibility.

Re Box

Calorie blasting combination of Rebounder class and Boxing Conditioning. The class kicks off with 30 minutes of Boxing Conditioning on our hanging heavy bags then transitions to 30 minutes of bouncing on our Urban Rebounders for a final aerobic calorie blast! Participants are also able to choose just the 30 minute option of boxing or rebounding if they prefer.


Low impact high cardio calorie blasting workout on a mini trampoline . Full Body Workout that alternates intense cardio with full body strengthening. Ideal for all levels, easy on the joints and you are able to control the intensity of your workout. Expect to blast the muscles in your legs butt and abs like never before!


Total body workout that builds muscle, develops strength, and teaches self-defense techniques for real life situations in a fun and engaging environment.

Rock Steady Boxing (RSB)

RSB is a program specially designed for people to fight back against the symptoms of Parkinsons disease focusing on strength, balance and flexibility. This program requires a one on one assessment and registration Please contact Jackie Shay or Britt Nystrom for more details.

Flexible Payments & Discounts

We offer flexible payment terms and discounts are available throughout the year. We offer discounts for students, families, veterans, active duty service men and women and fire and police departments.

We never ask you to sign a contract and offer a variety of payment options. And your first class is FREE!

Contact SCS for detailed pricing and more information.

Health & Wellness… What a Perfect Gift!

Gift certificates are available at anytime and in any dollar amount and make a perfect and thoughtful gift. Get someone you care about a few classes to start them on their road to health and wellness. It may be the best gift you ever give them!

Please contact SCS for details or to order your gift certificate today.